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Marc Baruch spent 28 years at Hewlett-Packard where he held various management positions before becoming the deployment manager of Lean Six Sigma for HP in Europe, the Middle East and Africa. Marc also implemented this methodology in this major multinational company, having trained over 500 people there all the way up to the Senior VP level ...more here

Charles Anres is a unique Development Consultant, Coach and Trainer specialising in Leadership, Management and Business Transformation. Charles has coached and trained over 1700 individuals, from regular employees up to the Senior VP. The majority of this work has been with leaders, focusing on Leadership and Management, Change and Project Management. His main interests are in executive team development for business growth, teamwork and in accelerating change ...more here

Petter Bakken is a Learning & Development Consultant, Coach, Facilitator, Course Developer, Senior
International Manager and ITC industry professional. Petter’s areas of competence include the development and delivery of education, coaching, workshop facilitation, communication and press management, marketing and sales and project management. ...more here

Kamil Jaros is an experienced professional both in Business Management and in industrial processes. Kamil spent 20 years in a practical leadership role in Sales and in Business Development, as well as managing a supply chain, a manufacturing plant and a service network, all at a multinational level ...more here

Michal Henych, following his studies, worked initially as a programmer and was also the owner of a small computer company. After receiving his MBA he became a lecturer and a consultant. He dedicates his attention to every area of management, especially Human Resource Management and Leadership, and also to strategy, marketing and project management. ...more here

Jan Duba, after graduating from University, worked briefly as a teacher of computer science and programming but soon he moved into the commercial sphere. He operates primarily in the areas of changes to corporate strategy, process and project management, human resource management and performance management. He is also recognised as an expert in the field of Information Technology.  ...more here

Rudolf Hauzer, after obtaining a Master's Degree in Special and Therapeutic Pedagogy, he worked for several years as a practicing therapist. After subsequently completing a 3-year postgraduate training in Deep Dynamic Psychotherapy, he started to work in the pharmaceutical industry. During the years 2010-2013 he graduated from an MBA programme  at the Business School Netherlands. He is currently initiating a lecturing and training project in regard to cultural shifts with a group of foster parents.  ...more here